Ningbo Jiajie Electronics Co.,Ltd. is AC power cords manufacturer in China


Plug : including the approval CCC in china,VDE in Germany,BSIin UK,NF in France, NEMKO in Netherlands,SEMKO in Sweden,OVE in Austria,DEMKO in Denmark,FI in Finland,IMQ in Italy,CEBEC in Belgium,UL in USA,CUL in Canada,SAA in Australia, PSE in Japan, KTL in Korea, NBR in Brazil,IRAM in Argentina,and so on.
Flexible cord:
PVC (VDE in Europe,UL/CUL in USA and Canada,CCC in China,SAA in Australia,NBR in Brazil,PSE in Japan, KTL in Korea.)
RUBBER (Europe,Japan,China,USA/Canada)
TEFLON/SILICON  (UL/VDE,CE)  very high insulation resistance, good performance at high temperature, non-flammable , good mechanical properties ,excellent chemical resistance and superior electrical properties, our products are widely used in wiring of lighting, appliances and electronic equipment.
THEAD WEAVE   (VDE,CE,) use for home appliance
Connector: IEC60320(C5,C6,C7,C13,C14,C17,C19,C20);NEMA;European cee7;
Extension cords: for North America,Europe,Japan,Australia...